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About the attorney profession...

It can be ascertain the attorney as a direct and visible defendant of his client's right, represents one of the most important social institution via which the individual's protection is realized. The role of an attorney at law office is that of translating in a legal, coherent language, the requirements of the customer that entrusts it with his defense. An attorney's mission implies multiple duties and obligations, sometimes apparently different than the customer's, courts of law and the other authorities, towards his profession and every colleague.
As towards the relations with the courts of law, the Public Ministry, the other authorities and public institutions, companies and individuals he gets into contact with, the attorney is bound to a dignified, civilized and loyal behavior.
According to the law, exercising the attorney profession is subject to the following fundamental principles:

1. principle of lawfulness;
2. principle of freedom;
3. principle of independence;
4. principle of autonomy and decentralization;
5. principle of keeping the professional secret.

The attorney's right to assist, represent or exercise any other activities specific to his profession derives from the contract of legal assistance signed between attorney and customer or his representative.
An attorney cannot take action but within the framework of the contract signed with his customer, exceptions being the cases stipulated by the law.
In accordance with the law, the attorney assures legal assistance and representation in front of the courts of law, the authorities with jurisdictional powers, public notaries and court enforcement officers, public administration authorities, institutions and other companies or institutions.
Customer's assistance and representation by an attorney at law's office comprises all the documents, means and acts permitted by the law necessary in order to protect and defend the customer's interests.
The rightness, spirit of justice and honesty are conditions of the attorney's and his profession. The customer is informed (promptly, thoroughly, correctly and diligently) by the attorney regarding the evolution of the case he was assigned.

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